Project Brief

This project is sponsored by Environment and Conservation Fund and Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Association is the organiser. The aims of project are to promote the environmental conservation of South Lantau through Augmented Reality (AR) app and panorama videos, talks, ambassador trainings, exhibitions, outreach actions and workshops.

Project Duration

August 2018 – April 2020


Public, Teachers and Environmental educators


  • To enhance public’s knowledge on precious resources on Lantau and how to conserve them

  • To provide new angles for public to admire the Lantau through this AR app and panoramic videos, and avoid disturbance to both nature and local communities at the same time

Related Activities

  • Precious Lantau Ambassador Scheme
  • Lantau, the Precious: Ecology × Culture Exhibition
  • Lantau AR x STEM Education Workshop
  • Lantau AR Outreach
  • Lantau, the Precious Public Talk

Multimedia Materials

  • Lantau AR+ app
  • Lantau, the Precious 360 videos
  • Lantau, the Precious Website
  • Lantau, the Precious YouTube Channel